AUSTA National Conference presentation

Presentation topic is ‘Speaking through music’ - finding the rhetoric in persuasive musical performance.
July 2022
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About the Project

Josephine is a passionate believer that musicians of all levels can, with a little knowledge of musical language and rhetoric, build on their natural communicative instincts and engage directly with their audiences and their musical selves on a deeper emotional level.

In this presentation she will:

  • Give a brief introduction to the Classical ideas of rhetoric as developed by the Ancient Greeks and Romans
  • Provide musical examples from the standard canon of composers (Bach, Beethoven, Haydn) as well as some contemporary examples
  • Perform well-known examples from the cello repertoire, showing how young musicians can project a more convincing performance. These examples will all be curated from AMEB repertoire, ranging from Grade 6 to LMusA level
  • Show how speech and music connect including with the effective use of gesture, tone, affect, musical figures, imitation and repetition to produce a persuasive (and entertaining) performance
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